Sharing a love of trees and the beauty of nature, Ilan and his daughter Laurel
work side by side helping the company branch out and expand to new horizons.
It is a beautiful story rooted in caring for the earth, creating new advice,
planting trees and using heart-tickling inspiration and wisdom to celebrate life.


In 1992, Scott Alyn's life took an important turn. Times had become difficult, and life a little trying. Looking for guidance, he felt the deep ridged bark of a more than one-hundred-year-old Cottonwood tree and thought, "I need your help...can you give me some advice?" That was the day he discovered his own true nature, and realized he could help others find theirs. Scott changed his name to Ilan Shamir, which literally means "protector of the trees", and has since founded Your True Nature, a company committed to honoring the planet and the fearless spirit of every person's own loving nature.

Magnets Laurel and Ilan Be magnificent! Allison Storage container art! Advice from Nature Patti Laurel and Ilan planting trees Think big! Ilan and Laurel Karen Advice from the Northern Lights Jill Care goes into each and every product we make Parker Keep your cool! Laurel and Ilan in the 90s 1990


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