It's Wednesday and you may be struggling to push through the week, so here is a bit of encouragement from Nature.

The Bristlecone Pine is quite possibly the oldest known organism on Earth, some living as long as 5,000 years. If you look at this unique tree, you will see that it looks almost dead. Gnarled and twisted, the Bristlecone dies in sections, but part of it always seems to live on.

Survival is a daily battle for this tree. It resides in the harshest environments of the Sierra and Rockies, thriving in very extreme conditions. Bristlecone Pine's don't replenish their needles and go dormant during very dry conditions. They have the agonizing patience to wait for their environment to improve before they begin to grow again.

As humans, we should take advice from this humble outcast, and seek ways to survive our own harsh conditions. Push through the end of the week with strength and perseverance. If a half dead tree can survive for thousands of years through extreme turmoil, you can survive the rest of the work week. Here's to Nature kicking adversity in the face!

Advice from a Bristlecone Pine

Sink Your Roots Into the Earth

Keep Growing

Be Content with Your Natural Beauty

Weather Adversity

Go Out on a Limb

It's OK to be a Little Gnarly

Honor Your Elders!

-Your True Nature-