One of the new products at Your True Nature this year is Advice from a Chickadee.
As one of the most recognized small birds, the Chickadee can be seen in most backyards. They have a distinct black cap and bib, with white cheeks on their oversized head. Chickadees are one of the easiest birds to attract to feeders with suet, sunflower, or peanuts; often visiting window feeders too. You'll also be happy to see their cheerful

faces in the winter (most don't migrate), because they need 10 times more food during those months. Don't be startled if you notice beady eyes observing you; the curious Chickadee likes to investigate humans in their habitat.



If you have birch or alder trees, more than likely you have Chickadees nesting there. Just listen for their distinct call, the chickadee call that gave them their namesake. Like all

birds, each call has a purpose. If they tweet Chick-a-dee with one 'dee', all is well; but if they add on 4 more 'dees', danger lurks (such as a Northern Pygamy Owl). It is quite the beautiful warning that they sing to each other. Those who listen long enough will continue to be serenaded with a collection of other songs the Chickadee produces. Nature's wisdom at its best.


We hope you enjoy the Advice this tiny and wise bird has to offer.

Advice from a Chickadee

Sing a cheerful Tune

Be full of Life

Learn to Adapt

Spend time in the Woods

Get along with Everyone

Make a cozy Nest

Be bold, no matter your Size

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