At a time when everything is shut down around us (literally and figuratively) there is one place that will always be open: Nature. It’s a place we often find ourselves when we are seeking answers and a little peace. Outside, we find the healing effects of sunshine, fresh air, and nature sounds; all elements of a therapeutic kind. Taking a break in nature will guide you in controlling the one thing you can: your response to this crisis. No matter what it looks like, we encourage you to step outside during this time and find comfort.

Whether you seek a nearby trail to hike or a tree to sit under, make sure you are practicing social distancing and avoiding being near others. Be smart and heed the mandates by your local governments. 


Here are some other tips from our friends at the American Hiking Society:

Being in solitude can be difficult, but being in nature can be a deeply personal experience. See what it can do for you personally during this insane time. It’s already been proven that spending time outdoors helps remedy anxiety, depression, stress, and overall fear of tomorrow. You'll find perspective and advice to help you deal with the reality of the world today, making it easier to weather the storm.


If you're lucky enough to be able to get outside during this time and explore the wild; remember those who aren’t so lucky. Maybe send some joy their way, whether it’s through video chatting, cards, emails, or other routes. Nature reminds us that we live in one big symbiotic relationship and it’s up to us to live in harmony. We have the ability to spread positivity and stop the negativity. It’s times like the present where we realize how much we need each other and how big an impact just one person can make.