“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

April is National Gardening month which is perfect for Your True Nature’s April Story: Grow. Gardening takes patience, a little bit of knowledge, and dedication in order to be successful. There are many factors that come into play such as weather, soil quality,  pests, and other threats. You must plant things in a way that won’t suffocate or overtake the rest; and you have to be willing to pull weeds and water as needed. Gardening comes down to sowing seeds; nourishing them as they grow; getting your hands dirty with care; and harvesting at just the right time. This is a diligent process that reaps many benefits. Such is gardening, such is life.

In order for us to attain the growth we desire, we have to work hard. It starts with planting the seeds; and nourishing our ideas and dreams. We have to weed out the obstacles and negativity that suffocate us; and make sacrifices along the way. Success is defined differently for us all, but it doesn’t matter. Each of us must be dedicated to our life’s goals in order to achieve happiness and growth. Part of that is asking: How can we change our world? How can we make a difference in the lives of those around us? How do we grow up?

Gardening impacts people’s lives by providing an affordable supply of healthy food. This is similar to what dreams and ideas do. They provide a goal to labor toward, in order to grow and find attainable joy. Waking up with a purpose is great for our health and our future.

Growth is hard, growth is scary, but it is imperative to living out our own true nature. With growth comes change, which is difficult for a lot of people; but like they say change is inevitable, growth is a choice.

April is a good month to work on personal growth, because with spring cleaning comes our own inner purging. Pull out the weeds of doubt and self pity, in order to see the goals you have for yourself. As the trees start to bud with new life, allow the life within you to shine. Work on cultivating positive things and spend time on yourself. GROW!

                                    Take life advice from a garden, you'll find the harvest is rewarding.


Advice from a Garden
Cultivate lasting Friendships
Sow Seeds of Kindness
Listen to Sage Advice
Don't Let the Little Things Bug You
Be Outstanding in Your Field
No Vining!
Your True Nature