For long periods of time, the history of earth consisted of the seamless relationship between all living beings and Earth. The earth’s flora and fauna has generally been determined by its environment. However, man remains the only species to significantly alter the environment, disrupting the balance of the world. For those unaware of why this is a problem, please read on.

A Pollution Free Environment Is Required To Live A Healthy Life

If you do not give two cents about Mother Earth, your surroundings will inevitably get polluted with toxins and other harmful products that can have an adverse effect on your health. According to a study done by the Environment Protection Authority in the USA, polluted air has a direct relationship with heart problems and bronchitis to name a few. Another report by the CDC says that pollution in water can result in problems in the digestive system, the reproductive system and in the nervous system. One way we humans can reduce pollution and its adverse effects is to move on to a more sustainable lifestyle. For example, rather than driving to a gym to run on the treadmill, you can put on your joggers and jumpsuit and head to the nearby park eliminating a pollution filled car ride.

Global Warming Is A Real Issue

Due to the increased levels of greenhouse gases – again caused by humans – the world’s temperature is steadily increasing which can cause issues like unpredictable and dangerous weather changes and so on. Global warming is also melting glaciers and other permafrost areas resulting in the loss of habitats for a number of unique animals and increasing sea levels which can cause low lying islands like the Maldives to go underwater so coastal areas are really vulnerable to the rising temperatures.

We Have To Think About The Other Species That Live On This Earth

With all the chaos in the world, we often forget that other animals and plants are also victims of this negative changes caused by us. Unlike us, they do not have the power to right things so it’s a responsibility that rests upon us. In the animal world, everything follows a natural process and when even one plant or animal species is removed from this process, a negative chain reaction tends to spark off, affecting every other living organism in the natural process. The end result is the lack of bio-diversity which in return makes for a very bland world.

It's Where We Live!

This is the only place we have left to live, at least for now. This fact alone should be enough motivation for us to look after our environment. Some methods we can deploy to look after the surroundings include decrease usage, reuse and reprocess items. Many do not act as they think their actions are too trivial when considered to the whole scheme of things but it is far from so. Every tiny action has an effect and people can get motivated to act the same once they see you doing what you can to save the earth.


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