September 12th is National Day of Encouragement, which is quite the serendipitous coincidence. It also happens to be Ilan Shamir's birthday, the founder of Your True Nature Inc. Ilan created Your True Nature after he himself received encouragement from an ancient Cottonwood tree. Ilan's life was on a bumpy road, when he leaned against its rugged bark and asked for help. He received it in a poem.

"Stand tall and proud...Be content with your natural beauty...Go out on a limb!"

"This advice from a tree and simplicity of nature began to smooth out the complexities and challenges I faced." Ilan


Ilan's gratitude for the Cottonwood empowered him to create a company that uses Advice from Nature, to encourage people on their walk in life. The first product was his Advice from a Tree poem, which also went into his book: Poet Tree- The Wilderness I Am. The products expanded quickly, as positive feedback poured in from people who were struggling, and came across the Advice from products at just the right time. The wisdom they offered also motivated people to use them as gifts to encourage loved ones. Ilan has a giving spirit, so it would only be appropriate to create a company that brings out the generosity in its customers. It's also a way for him to creatively share his love and appreciation for Nature.

Your True Nature wasn't created solely for the purpose of allowing its owner to pay the bills and be successful. It was a way to allow him to live out his true nature, and to feed his passion for encouraging others to do the same. Ilan is a poet, writer, artist, drummer, and more. He knows the happiness that comes when you are able to do what you love. Your True Nature inspires everyone to dig deep within themselves, and discover what makes them happy? What is their True Nature?

Learn more about Ilan's unique journey here.

Your True Nature is also a company on a mission to give back to the earth. It may be through replanting trees, promoting sustainability practices, or educating on ways everyone can protect our environment. Ilan's giving spirit also carries over into the companies contribution to 1% for the Planet and other non-profit donations.

Ilan Shamir is serious about minimizing the companies affects on the environment, but he also has a goofy nature and can "lighten up."

So to have fun on Ilan's birthday, here are a few trivia questions to get to know him.

What Advice line or poem Represents You?

"Reflect the light of Your True Nature." Advice from a Tree

Would you rather go on a Safari in Kenya, Canoe the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, or Fish for Salmon in Alaska?

Safari in Kenya

What was your Childhood Nickname?

Scotty Watty DoDah

What song or Album makes you reminisce the most?

Alice's Restaurant- Arlo Guthrie

What is your Favorite Dessert?

Chocolate Anything!

Do you have a favorite National Park or one that brings you the fondest memories?

Yellowstone National Park 


So join us in appreciation for all that Ilan has done to bring light into this world, with his passion and joy. Reach out to someone and encourage them in their journey, but also search yourself to discover what makes you tick. In celebration of Ilan's birthday, step outside for a bit, breathe in Nature, and listen to what it has to offer you. You'll discover something new, no doubt, about yourself.

Happy Birthday Scotty Watty DoDah! Thank you for encouraging us all through the wonderful company you've created!!