It's the Summer Solstice! Summer is truly here, meaning the sun will kiss your face a little longer and some people are a little happier. On this, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), it's a good time to reflect on what nature means to you. The mystery, the wonder, the utter beauty of it. How, on the same day every year the sun reaches its Northernmost point from the equator. It seems to pause for a moment, and once again Nature leaves us speechless. Years ago, people called this event the 'solstice', which is Latin for "sun" and "to stop". Makes sense.


The Solstice phenomenon has inspired many traditions and celebrations.

If you're in Sweden, you might take part in eating the first batch of strawberries for the year. In New York City, you may find yourself twisting your body in the all day yoga event, at Times Square. Wandering the countryside of Austria, you may be involved in the tradition of lighting fires on the mountain side. Lastly, in Croatia you could join the stargazers and amateur astronomers at the Višnjan Observatory.

Whatever it is, celebrate a new season and enjoy the light from a sun that offers you so much wisdom.


Advice from the Sun: