The Year 2019 will kick off celebrity style with a Total Lunar Eclipse and Super Blood Moon this weekend. The first full moon of the year will be quite the show in the sky; making its debut overnight on Sunday January 20 into the next morning. January's full moon is traditionally called a Wolf moon after the howling of hungry wolves mourning the Winter. So you could even label this event the Super Blood Wolf Moon, or you could just call it a Lunar Eclipse and "Keep looking up".




A Total Lunar Eclipse is when Earth's dark shadow makes its way between the sun and moon, turning the silvery moon blood red. Basically, the sun and moon will be perfectly aligned on opposite sides of the Earth.This moon will also be called a Supermoon, because the Lunar Eclipse will be bigger and brighter than average. If you don't want to watch the entire process (from Moonrise at 4:32 p.m EST on January 20 to Moonset at 7:36 a.m on January 21), you can just watch the coolest part: Totality. Totality will occur shortly after midnight EST and will last for 62 minutes. 



Grab some snacks, go to your favorite viewing area and witness the last Total Lunar Eclipse until May 26, 2021. Or, if staying up late to watch the sky isn't your thing, send a gift to someone you know who loves night sky events. Your True Nature has a variety of Advice to go along with this amazing Night Sky event.