It's July and the year seems to be flying by. It's already halfway through, and most of us are scratching our heads on where the time went. Panic sets in that summer is almost over, and those New Year's Resolutions haven't really happened. School starts soon and then the Holidays are just around the corner. It's enough to make most people freak out or go into 'shut down' mode. We are here to tell you to Relax. So you didn't reach those goals or accomplish everything you wanted to by now. There is always tomorrow and there is always grace. Loosen the reins on yourself and start connecting to what really matters.

The Good Things:

Like the Eagle says, "Cherish Freedom." It's important to look at your life and connect with the good things in it, especially when you are in freak out mode. Maybe it's your kids or pets; could it be a good job or something as simple as food on the table? Perhaps, the freedom to believe what you want and love who you love. Either way, be thankful for the things going right, instead of focusing so much on the things that are going wrong.


Relax/Self Care:

Listen to the Ocean and Dragonflies when they tell you to "take some time to relax and coast;" and "enjoy a good reed." This world is already chaotic and overwhelming, why add more to your life? Do your best, but make sure you take care of you; and that means taking a chill pill every now and then. A little self care goes a long way in improving daily life. It could be in the form of a hot bubble bath; reading a good book; taking a walk; or just sitting by the ocean and actually breathing. The bobcat's advice to "Take some time Alone," will help guide you in connecting with your inner happiness.

Get in Nature:

As cliche as it sounds, spending time in nature will help you connect more with all areas of your life. A hike through the woods clears you head and helps you reevaluate what's important in your life. Walking beside the flowing river may relax you enough to loosen up, and see things in a new light. When we connect with what is natural, we clear our minds of the demands from our cell phones, emails, and constant bombardment of media. This allows us to understand more about ourselves and realize what stress is doing to our well-being. Stress harms us in more ways than we realize, so getting a handle on it is wise. Advice from the Wilderness: "Immerse yourself in Nature."

Take July to sink your roots in a little and ground yourself. There is still half of the year to do amazing things and succeed in your goals. Say no to chaos and yes to connecting to all things good for you. You'll thank yourself at the end of the year when you aren't burned out on everything. Remember to continue to take moments for yourself and just breathe.