Here at Your True Nature, we often are on a path to discover what it means for people to live their own True Nature. The answer is not the same for everyone, because everyone's journey is different. One question we ask is “How high will you reach to live Your True Nature?” The journey to reach that fulfillment isn't always easy and often ridden with challenges. The gifts and passions an individual has is the key to how they can live the life they were meant to live. We don’t come fully alive until we are doing things that fulfill our hearts and souls, and getting to that point is uniquely layered with our own experiences. Living a life of purpose is a way to use our gifts to give back and make a difference in this world.    


Giving back is a huge part of the makeup of Your True Nature. Our company is 100% replanted and for every 217lbs of recycled paper we use, we plant 10 tree seedlings through the organization Trees, Water, & People. We contribute 1% or more of our sales to One Percent for the Planet; and some of our products sold give 10% of sales to a pertaining cause. We encourage environmental education through our free K-12 Teacher’s curriculum and we support a variety of organizations with donations.


One such organization Your True Nature supports is the Wayfinding Academy, a new two year college in Portland, Oregon. The Wayfinding Academy is a revolutionary school founded from the frustration of how our culture’s higher education seems to be a bit backwards. Part of the Wayfinding Creed is, “We believe there’s more than one way to do life. And one definition of success is not enough. Too often the choice posed is what college to pick. The real choice is what LIFE to pick.” They believe that college and community should be intertwined; and when people live their life on purpose, everyone benefits.


 At Wayfinding Academy, staff will help guide  students to discovering their potential and how they can use that to make the world a better place. It could be as a writer, film maker, running a non-profit, owning a business, working at the State Capital, or anything else. In any case, Wayfinding Academy doesn’t believe that there is a cookie cutter model to education, and they are dedicated to equipping students in finding a path to a meaningful career they are passionate for.


"We believe education is our chance to make the world better, because what you do with your life matters to more than just you." Wayfinder Academy


Wayfinding Academy is putting on it's annual Wayfinder Weekend March 31-April 2. This is a great weekend to rediscover your purpose, try out new skills, and engage with a community that is willing to support you on your path. It's also the perfect way to see if this college is the right fit for you.


Your True Nature has chosen to be a sponsor for Wayfinder Weekend, because we believe in what Wayfinding Academy is doing to help people live out their true nature. It's similar to what we do when we develop our encouraging products. You can’t think your way into finding your life’s purpose. You must explore, doing different things to discover it, and you need positive encouragement along the way. We agree that we are continually growing and our life's purpose isn't necessarily one thing, it can be many. When we live our life on purpose, it's easier to find our way through this chaotic jungle called life. Wayfinding Academy will help guide you along that path and open doors to ideas you never would have thought possible.


Those who attend Wayfinder Weekend will discover a world of possibilities; and if you’re a fan of Your True Nature, you'll get a 20% discount with the code truenature. We encourage you to go and be a part of something revolutionary. If anything, you'll be directed down a path to becoming a world changer and maybe uncover what you want to do with your life. It's a great opportunity to seek what your own true nature really is.

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Advice from a Dolphin: Find your life's porpoise!

 "The purpose of life is a life of purpose." Robert Byrne