Shut off the noise, go to where there is no pavement.
Where the singing birds are your only entertainment.
There, you will find some wisdom of old
About love and how it can be life’s Gold.
The trail will whisper through the breeze
“Pack life with memories,”
while the Trees will shout loud  
“Stand tall and proud!”
The glistening sun tells you to try 
to “set your sights high,”
and the Dragonfly, so it seems
Whispers “Zoom in on your dreams.”
A majestic hawk soars with a call
to “Rise above it all”,
and you leave the wild allure
more confident and sure.  
 In all its glory, Nature 
Teaches us to love deep and pure.
To honor earth, others, and self
somehow increasing our inner wealth. 
The lessons clear your mind
teaching you that love is not so unkind,
and like the buzzing honey bee
you too should "stick close to your Honey."