June 15th marks the anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park establishment, and this year the park will celebrate 83 years. This more than 800 square mile span of mountainous glory straddles the border of Tennessee and North Carolina; and is one of the most visited National Parks. The Smoky Mountains are home to over 100 native species of trees and they contain an amazing variety of other life. Among this diversity; you can still find the simple churches, farmhouses, and barns that belonged to the mountain people, who began settling in the area in the 1700s.

History measured in tree rings and human creation. It's worth the visit for sure. Enjoy the advice these (and all) mountains offer you, as you settle in to this Mountain Playlist. ~Alycia~


Photo Credit: NPS


Listen In: Advice from a Mountain

You’ve strapped on your hiking boots, you have your Camelback ready, and you are about to follow in John Muir’s footsteps: the mountains are calling and you must go! You have everything you need except for the perfect soundtrack to your mountaineering adventure…until now. These are the foot thumping, heart-racing, soul-calming songs designed to help you connect with the mountain on a deeper level. Strap on your pack and get ready to climb to the energetic and ethereal sounds of Fleet Foxes, Sigur Rós, and The Rubber Knife Gang in our curated Spotify playlist, Advice from a Mountain. ~Anna~


https://yourtruenature.com/national-parks/np-gs (more information on Great Smoky Mountains NP)