June 8th is World Oceans Day, a day to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy ocean for mankind. Oceans provide the majority of oxygen that we breathe in; and yet human actions are impacting their ability to do their job as well as they should. Here is a link to research what you personally can do (World Oceans Day); and here is a Spotify playlist to inspire you to do love our oceans.

Take Advice from an Ocean and "Make Waves," to better impact our world and our future.





Listen In: Advice from an Ocean

You can just smell the salt water, can’t you? The gentle rushing of the waves, the seagulls cawing, and sand beneath your feet… but here you are, stuck inside yet again. Or maybe you are at the beach on a long-deserved and long-anticipated vacation, but you’re having trouble actually relaxing. We get it: sometimes it takes a miracle to come down off that stressful plateau. Well, here is your miracle! This Spotify playlist is pure beachy tranquility distilled into 20 songs. Take some advice from the ocean and coast for a while with these ocean-themed songs by Vance Joy, Balmorhea, Sleeping at Last, and more. ~Anna~