Many of us love a good show in the sky, but after the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017, it's been hard to top. There is an event this month, however, that might interest a few. After over 150 years of waiting, on January 31st the world will finally get to witness a Super Blue Blood Moon.

Just the name sounds pretty cool and, unlike the Total Solar Eclipse, you don't need those awkward glasses to view it. Also, it's important to note that you probably will never be able to witness a Super Blue Blood Moon again, in your lifetime. 

A Super Blue Blood Moon happens when these three Celestial Events take place at the same time: blue moon, supermoon, and total lunar eclipse. Blue Moon's occur when there are two full moons in one month; and a Total Lunar Eclipse is when the earth passes between the sun and moon (perfectly aligned), casting earth's shadow onto the moon's surface. Some people also refer to a Total Lunar Eclipse as a Blood Moon, due to the reddish hue it takes on. The Supermoon is when the moon is slightly larger than normal, which happens when the moon is full at the same time it orbits closest to the Earth. This makes it appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter.

The Supermoon on January 31st also happens to be the third one in a Supermoon Trilogy. The first one was on December 3rd and the second one was on January 1. Make sure a view this Supermoon on January 30th, when it is as its peak. 

Viewing this celestial wonder depends on where you live. For example, if you live in the Denver area, the eclipse will start at 3:51 am the morning of the 31st and reach it's maximum at 6:29 am. The eclipse will end around 7:07 am.

There are many sources out there that can help you determine when is the best time to put your eyes to the sky, in your area.

Even if you're not big into astronomy or sky magic, it's pretty amazing to think that the last time this trilogy happened was in 1866. That was the year when the Civil War ended, the Civil Rights Bill was passed, and Jesse James robbed his first bank. Despite the chaos around them, people stared in awe at the sky to witness something they couldn't fully explain. The technology just wasn't there. The moon's beauty, however, was still the same as it is today; and I would bet they forgot in that moment about the problems of their world. We hope you can take the time to do the same thing on Wednesday 1/31/18.

Check out the moon's size and shine on the 30th and then set your alarm clocks for early on the 31st to get a glimpse of the moon turning red. It's going to be amazing.

Your True Nature would like to offer you some advice for this Event:



"Keep a Sense of Wonder." Eclipse

"Honor the Cycles of Nature." Moon

"Renew your energy." Sun