Have you ever sat and pondered the magnificence of the sky?

Its vastness, its wonder?

How a cloud could form out of thin air and in that cloud the most incredible boom could be emitted? Or the crack of a lightning bolt that hits the earth with such force and power.

Rain, snow, hail, rainbows, the sun, and more.Tornadoes, cyclones, tsunami's, and other violent creations remind us of the sky's powerful capabilities.

Then you have something like the Total Solar Eclipse, where the moon completely blocks the sun during the day. Rare to see it on land, for the first time in decades we will see one in the Continental US on August 21, 2017. Millions will look to the sky to witness its wonders.

As the sun sets in the evening, the sky continues in all its glory, with the night sky. Billions of stars that go on forever; a moon that shines with such brightness; and constellations that were discovered without technology. These stars were a focal point in religious ceremonies and used as a navigation system to travel at night.

The sky is amazing and it's discoveries endless. From planets, to asteroids, to comets and to galaxies far away. Its awe-inspiring ways led to many ancient groups creating gods or fathers of the Sky. There was Zeus to the Greeks, Jupiter to the Romans, and Wakea in Hawaii mythology. It held mystery and purpose for indigenous groups who had no science, only what they witnessed.

The sky is the celestial dome that covers all things on Earth and controls so many aspects. It has loads of advice that many have heeded for centuries. Next time you look up at the great expanse above your head, take a moment to appreciate it's power. Revel in the beauty and the things you can't quite explain. Observe all it offers and take in what it teaches you.

"Renew Your Energy." Sun

"Keep Looking Up." Sky

"Be Moved by Beauty." Solar Eclipse