Wait...what's a Total Solar Patti? Just hold on, we'll get to that.

Monday is August 21, 2017; which means hundreds of thousands of people will be watching the Total Solar Eclipse, in the United States. It's an event that has had the country buzzing all month; and it will be over in minutes. It won't be forgotten, however, because more people than usual have the opportunity to see it in person. Let's face it, with all this hype, the Solar Eclipse is getting quite the ego. This day isn't all about the eclipse though; it was first designated for someone else.

Not to be overshadowed (pun intended) by the Eclipse; it's also Your True Nature's office manager, Patti's Birthday. Before most of us knew about this year's Solar Eclipse, Patti was born on August 21 19...something. If you ask her, she's happy to share her birthday with this phenomenal event. Like all things solar, she too derives her energy from the sun's rays. Well.....I guess we all do, but she sure loves beaches. To keep it light (pun intended again), on this great day, we asked Patti some fun trivia questions. Not to be used as blackmail later, of course. Please enjoy:

What Your True Nature Advice line or poem represents you?

  • I feel I can connect with pretty much all of the advice, but today it is: Be well-rounded, from the Advice from the Earth.

Would you rather go on a Safari, Canoe the Amazon, or Lay on a Beach somewhere?

  • Lay on a beach for sure! (see! told you so)

What was your Childhood Nickname?

  • I had a couple, but my Aunt always called me Patti-Fernie

What song or album makes you reminisce the most?

  • Green Day- pretty much any album.

What is your Favorite Dessert?

  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Do you have a Secret Celebrity Crush? Who?

  • LOL....I have a couple....but right now it is Ryan Reynolds.

Great answers! Let's face it, if the Solar Eclipse answered these questions; it would probably say things like: Moon Pie is my favorite dessert and Total Eclipse of the Heart is my theme song. Maybe it has a crush on Soleil Moon Frye; and of course it's favorite Advice would be from itself. The ego thing. Seriously though, the Solar Eclipse is amazing and a once in a lifetime event to share your special day with. It won't happen again. Crazy to think about, but that shows how special this eclipse really is. To actually see totality from land, not just coastal: Wow!

Back to Patti....

We at the office think that Patti is pretty out of this world and stellar at what she does; which is why we want to wish her a very very Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy a day of rest and "be moved by beauty," as you witness the sky.



We also hope everyone is safe out there and enjoys every second of the Solar Eclipse. It's a day you will never forget, so make it truly special and "live in the moment."