This week’s Wednesday Wisdom is a spin on March’s Story at Your True Nature: Beauty. Not just the obvious beauty; the clear vision that take one’s breath away. It’s about the beauty we somehow stop seeing because of the chaos of this world. Around the gnarled and crooked curves, down the overgrown paths of life, beauty hides. We find it when we sweep out the old cobwebs that have developed in the corners of our lives. As we peel back the brittle curtains we’ve kept closed, a veil is lifted from our eyes. Somehow we are able to see beauty in the little things that have been right in front of us the whole time. It's almost like we can see something beautiful in everything, including what most would say is quite the opposite of.


One of life's lessons is that the beauty within often shines brighter then the beauty without. When we are able to look past appearances, we recognize the inner magic that exists in so many. An example of this is Picasso, a rescued corgi mix with a misshapen snout. Picasso was in line to be euthanized at a kill shelter; but thankfully a wonderful organization (Luvable Dog Rescue) took him and his brother Pablo in, giving them a second chance in life. Once the heartwarming story of these siblings got out, they started appearing all over the Internet and their story spanned the globe. It wasn't very long before thousands of adoption applications started pouring in.







Perhaps some of the potential adopters feels sorry for Picasso, but I think that the majority see the beauty of his unique face and the abounding love he has. You see, Picasso doesn’t worry about his deformity and his brother Pablo doesn’t judge him because of it. They don't even know it's there. Like most rescued animals, they express love and appreciation for those who pet them, feed them, bathe them, or simply toss a ball for them. Eyes bright with hope, each day is a new blessing and they live it to the fullest. They are no longer unwanted products to be dealt with, but instead Pablo and Picasso are on their way to a forever home. Both will be looked at as important and a part of the family. Their story is just beginning.


Did these brothers become famous because of the facial deformity that Picasso was born with? I guess you could say that, but I like to believe that people see a gentle soul in the eyes of a pup who knows what it means to be grateful. All of Picasso’s siblings were adopted after they were born (from a backyard breeder’s house); but no one wanted a different, if not startling looking dog. Left alone, he was eventually given to a kill shelter where he was put on the euthanasia list. Picasso skirted death because of Luvable Rescue; and Pablo, who was given up to the same kill shelter by his adopted family, was also saved from the same fate.


Both are affectionate dogs with hearts of gold. Their immense capacity to love and the instant joy they impart to those they meet is pure beauty. It’s a reminder to us all that we are too quick to judge by appearances and not by the heart or substance of what we encounter. All we have to do is open our own hearts to see the story of Beauty. It's in some pretty unexpected places in nature and all around.

It's no secret that we at Your True Nature love Rescues. Many of us have one or more in our families and we've even created an Advice from a Rescue line. We recognize the beauty of their stories and the lessons they give.

What does real Beauty mean to you? Is it in a Rescue of your own? Is it in a life story or in a part of nature?


Advice from a Rescue

Open your heart

Be up for second chances

Make new friends

Learn Patience

Stay hopeful

Get a new "leash" on life

There's no place like home!

-Your True Nature-

 * photo of Picasso and Pablo credit: Luvable Dog Rescue