This Wednesday Wisdom is all about the power of not giving up on someone. It's the story of a once abandoned puppy, who grew up on the streets. Rex was eventually rescued and shown love, making him turn from his vicious tendencies. This fact makes the story even more heartwarming, because a dog who once didn't know how to love would not leave the side of a tiny hummingbird who had fallen out of a nest. His owner thought the birdlet laying on the ground, covered in ants, was dead; but Rex insisted that it too deserved a second chance at life. He persisted and his human Ed scooped up the bird and took it home.

They were able to nurse the now named Hummer back to health with a sugar syrup mixture. Ed even taught it how to fly with a hair dryer. Now the thankful Hummer refuses to leave and follows her dog rescuer everywhere. It's encouraging to see the bond between two very different species, who have nothing in common. Two unlikely rescues coexisting together with gratitude and love. Perhaps a lesson for us all?

Advice from a Hummingbird

Sip the sweet memories

Let your true colors glow

Be a nectar collector

Don't get your feathers ruffled

over the little things

Some days are just a humdinger

Just wing it

Keep your visits short and sweet.

-Your True Nature-









Advice from a Rescue  

Open your heart

Be up for second chances

Make new friends

Learn Patience

Stay hopeful

Get a new "leash" on life

There's no place like home!

-Your True Nature-