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With the budding of March comes new hope for spring. Have you ever wondered what is so appealing about spring? Students may say that spring is hopeful because it harkens to summer vacation, a poet may say that it is hopeful because it brings new life, and a gardener loves spring because it means that the plot is ready for work. The one reason that everyone loves spring is because spring is beautiful. We are naturally drawn to beauty like we’re drawn to food. We practically need it to survive! Depending on which hemisphere you live in, spring either starts or ends in March. While each season has its own particular beauty, spring, with its tradition of new life, takes the cake. Search for hidden wonders this March. Beauty is often found in the smallest things, so focus on the little things. And remember: you are one of the most beautiful parts of nature! Start uncovering the beauty in your true nature. 


Take some advice from a shamrock and find beauty in unexpected places!

While rarity doesn’t necessarily make something beautiful, it certainly makes beauty more significant. A four-leaf clover is a perfect example. These lucky plants come from the White Clover Plant, and are so rare that you will be lucky to find one in your lifetime! Who knows, one day you may be walking in the park, look down, and see a four-leaf clover looking back up at you. Yet common things are also beautiful. Have you ever thought that each part of nature is a little miracle in and of itself? Even the most common tree species in your neighborhood is a gorgeous piece of artwork. Sometimes it’s the most mundane and everyday places where beauty is the most unexpected. On your drive to work, in your house, and in your peers, find beauty, because it’s there just waiting to be appreciated!


Follow the ladybug and be simply beautiful!

Simplicity is a key element to true beauty. This March, start thinking about what it means to have a beautiful life. Beauty is often cluttered with unnecessary accessories, and spring-cleaning is coming right up as the perfect time to simplify your life! If you don’t need it, and if it isn’t good quality, you can throw it out! The best place to start is with you. What are the things in your life that either aren’t good or are unnecessary? Work towards a simple beauty that speaks for itself. 

Follow the Curves

Be like a rainbow and find beauty in life’s curves!

The word organic has two different meanings. The first is what you typically think: composting, a lack of pesticides, and a higher price tag. The second is a little different: curving, natural, and unfixed. One of the most beautiful aspects of nature (and you, coincidentally) is how organic you are. Just like a rainbow, our lives are not meant to be a straight line. Rather, they curve and wind through unexpected places. Trees are a perfect example, because even though each leaf looks roughly the same, the lines on that leaf waver and twist creating something new and original in each. There is such beauty in curved things! Learn to appreciate the beauty in the organic and 'imperfect' things in spring and in yourself!

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