Poet Tree - The Wilderness I Am


Poet Tree - The Wilderness I Am
by Ilan Shamir

Poet Tree sings to the wild places in our hearts. It welcomes the unfettered living of our passions. Through a deep and intimate love of trees, a gateway is opened to the mystery of our own true nature. The telling of stories and poems inspired by trees, provides the structure for this gateway. Poet Tree invites others to recall their intimate times with trees and nature, to share their stories and pass on the wisdom. In its devotion to beauty, Poet Tree is itself a teaching, a canopy to shelter sparks of joy that fly from old wood rubbed together in the ancient art of storytelling. Open your heart to Poet Tree to the poetry in and around you, and let its music fill you.

Printed on recycled and 100% replanted paper.åÊ 116 pages. Size 7" x 8.5".

© 2004 Your True Nature, Inc.
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