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Your True Nature: Change

You read that title and didn’t run away? Congratulations! Change is scary, though, isn’t it? Even positive change can scare us, because we’re afraid we’ll lack the willpower to push through.

You know who’s not afraid of change? Mother Nature. Nature doesn’t need New Year’s resolutions. No, she changes whether it’s a New Year or Martin Luther King Day.

Our bodies are part of nature, which is why we’re all about change, too. The cells of your skin renew themselves completely every 28 days, and over the course of a year, 98 percent of the atoms in our bodies change completely. That’s right: even your bones are made from different atoms than a year ago. Want to change between now and 2020? You already are!

What changes do you want to make in your life? Whether you want to give yourself the New Year’s gift of health, or just want to take that first step towards a better you, there’s plenty of advice that Nature can offer you.

Say Yes to Change

Be like the sand dunes: embrace the winds of change.

The dunes do not fear the wind that shapes them. In a way, the dunes are the wind. So, too, should you embrace the winds of change. If you accept that change will happen no matter what, you can prepare for it and influence it to create your own happiness. Open your arms to change, for to change is to be alive!

Get Rid of the Clutter

Just like the woodlands, be sure to make room for new growth.

If you want your life to change for the better, you need to make room. Shed the “dead wood” in your life and let it enrich the fertile ground from which change will arise. We carry so much clutter, whether it is material possessions, toxic relationships or negative emotions… Cast that aside, let the light shine through, take a deep breath!

Take the First Step

Draw from the patience of the glacier: keep moving forward no matter what.

Not all changes need to be earth-shattering… Sometimes the smallest, insignificant changes can lead to a completely new life. New Year’s resolutions are dramatic, but the changes that will last you a lifetime are sometimes so small you can’t see them right away. And yet, these are the changes that are so profound we pass them onto the next generation.

Like Lao Tzu said: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take it!

Become the Change

Be the butterfly: get out of your cocoon!

It’s one thing to change on the outside, but you also have to change yourself from within. The newborn butterfly doesn’t think “Gosh, I should’ve stuck with that caterpillar thing.” It simply accepts what it is, opens its wings, and flies away into the sun. Likewise, the best way to change your life is to change the mindset that created it.

Become the “new you” you want to be… Grow up to your true nature!

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