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Your True Nature: Grow

It’s no wonder we call it “Spring cleaning”. There is something about Nature’s awakening, about the change of seasons after a long winter slumber, that’s cause for celebration. By the time Spring comes around, the trees are budding, the sun warms up the land, the flowers bloom, and the long winter nights are a distant memory.

Yet even in the dead of winter, Nature continues to grow, in her own way. Fallow land looks dormant at first glance, but invisible to the eye a profound transformation and renewal take place that will one day yield beautiful crops once again. We, too, can grow at the most unlikely times: spiritual growth can take place while no one else notices. But you can bear the fruits of your effort if you give yourself time!

Here is some advice from Mother Nature to help you in your personal growth journey:

Spread the Joy

Like the wildflower, spread seeds of joy!

When wildflowers sow their seeds, they do not wonder where they will land or what will grow of them. Treat joy the same way, and you will soon see it sprout in the unlikeliest of places. The beauty of joy and happiness is that there’s an unlimited supply of them: the more joy you spread, the more you’ll receive in return.

Did someone spread joy to you? Pay it forward!

Cultivate Friendship

Draw inspiration from the garden and cultivate lasting friendships.

The vegetables, fruits, and plants in the garden don’t get discouraged at how slow their growth is. Both the garden and the gardener know that the rewards of gardening are long-term. The same goes for enduring friendships. They enrich our lives in millions of ways and change us all for the better. Cultivate your garden! Spread sunlight to your friends!

Rise to the Occasion Every Day

Be like the Sun: greet each day with your brilliance!

The Sun doesn’t wonder why it must get up in the morning: it shines its light on us day in, day out. Without sunlight, growth would be impossible. Likewise, don’t wait for “good days” to work on your personal growth. Every day is a good day to grow. Every morning deserves its sunrise.

There can be no darkness if you shine from within!

Go Beyond Yourself

Look to ancient canyons for inspiration. Aspire to new plateaus in your life.

Growth is a continuous process. If you reach a new high, look to the next peak. Always strive to better yourself, to grow is to be alive. Celebrate your highs, then look to your next goal. Sometimes it’s closer than you think!

The wonderful thing about growth is that it never happens alone. Grow to become a better person, and those around you will celebrate your true nature with some growth of their own.

Happy growing!

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