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June 20 is technically the first day of summer, but by June 1 summer feels well underway. Summer means so much more than the gentle warming of our local side of the planet. June means sleeping in, eating barbeques (and other sloppy summer foods), drinking lemonade, summer jobs, and aspiring to new plateaus. June also means Father’s Day, and do you know what the perfect Father’s Day gift is? A hike! For everyone, June is about the journey. Can you honor the end of a journey and pour yourself into the start of a new one? There is truly no better time to head outside and to find inspiration at every turn than in the month that boasts the best weather. 

Foster Your Curiosity

Like the National Parks, keep a sense of adventure! 

School’s out, and now is the perfect time to go on a summer adventure. Whether the adventure looks like summer camp or a trip to a national park, travel is a great way to experience new things. One of the best things about traveling is the feeling of coming home and appreciating home with a fresh perspective. Being home can be an adventure, too!

Take Deep Breaths

Take some advice from a Trail: Slow down and Meander.

Take a moment to soak up the sun and wonder at the glory of the natural world. Roses are the flower of the month and are just begging to be appreciated by a passer-by. Right now you are here. Create the time and space to simply notice where you are, and leave behind your agenda and cellphone on the door stoop.  The beauty is in the journey, but you have to focus on the journey to enjoy the beauty of it.

Go Outside

Draw inspiration from the Wilderness and take a hike.

Immerse yourself in a place that is wholly different from the space you normally occupy. If you work in a city office, find a locality where you can’t hear the constant growl of traffic. Find a new awareness of where your footprints land, and tread lightly on your turf! At the office, you usually sit for hours on end. Today, decide to do something different. Any change counts, and you have the potential to find inspiration around every corner.

Take Some Chances

Be like a Redwood and go out on a limb!

Don’t be afraid to take chances and make mistakes. This is exactly where growth occurs. Just like a tree, you are never stagnant but are constantly in vision and revision (to borrow a lovely turn of phrase from T.S. Eliot). The tiniest physical alternation might change your perspective on a project that you are working on, and lead to new and exciting territory in your relationships. So feed your inquisitiveness, foster your adventurous side, and keep on your journey!

Happy Trekking!

From a love of nature to sharing with others to making a good living. How do we turn our deepest passions and interests into a comfortable lifestyle? Can we pay the bills with our true gifts and talents? And just what is our true nature? I share my story with you, not to say look at what I have done, but if what I learned on my journey can help you live your true nature, then it is a story worth telling.


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