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Your True Nature: Mother

“Mom.” For the majority of us, it’s the first word we ever learn. It’s no wonder the word “mummy” is universal: from the Chinese “ma” to the Arabic “mama,” it’s like “mother” is the first word the human species taught itself. Or, more likely, one of our caveman ancestors had their “cavemom” gently encourage them.

It’s strange that we only have one day in May to celebrate motherhood. We send a nice card and some pretty flowers, perhaps give her a phone call, and call it a day. Every day of the year should be Mother’s Day!

Then there’s another mother we should be celebrating as well: Mother Nature. It’s no coincidence we call Nature “mother” when you consider how much she cares for us and nurtures us, and makes our very lives possible. Like our own mothers, Nature probably looks at us with hope in her eye, wishing we will do the right thing as she showed us.

Here are lessons from Mother Earth that can help us cherish the mothers in our lives:

Cherish Your Home

Take it from Mother Earth herself: there’s no place like home!

What’s home to you? Does the word make you think of your mother’s cooking? Or perhaps how she would make sure you dressed warmly before heading outside? Home is a sweet memory that can inspire us to grow into our true nature.

Home is where a mother’s heart is.

You might be long gone from your childhood home, but there’s one home we’ll never leave: Mother Earth. She’s our birthplace, and we have a responsibility to protect her for our children, grandchildren, and everybody else who will ever grace this world.

Give the Gift of Listening

Be the rabbit: be quiet, perk your ears up, and really listen.

Remember when you would pour your worries to your mother, and she’d just sit there listening? Didn’t that feel good? Did it make you feel loved? Cultivate silence, and let others speak up. No need to try and fix everyone’s lives when things go bad… Sometimes a sympathetic ear and a kind face are all we need.

Cherish Every Moment

Imagine biting into a juicy, sun-kissed strawberry. Makes you wanna close your eyes, doesn’t it?

What if we savored life with the same intensity? I bet your mom does when she spends time with you. Mothers cherish celebrating the little joys and triumphs in their children's’ lives. We can’t turn back time, but we can make sure to cherish every moment with the joy it deserves.

And if you’re blessed with your mom still being around, that includes the moments you have now!

Be Good to Your Mother

That applies to your own mom, but also to the mother of us all: Mother Earth!

It doesn’t take a grand gesture or an amazing gift to make a difference. Being good to your mother and good to the Earth is a way to acknowledge the miracle that brought you into this life. And it might, in turn, make us better human beings all around. Plant trees, teach others, recycle; and perhaps as importantly, give thanks to your loved ones and those who help you on your path.

And isn’t that worth celebrating every day of the year?

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