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There’s hardly any other holiday that inspires more warmth, more visions of family time, and more piles of rich and comforting foods than Thanksgiving. Just the name—thanks-giving—is a positive reminder to give thanks. This November, go even deeper in your celebration than eating Turkey with cranberry sauce and spend some time giving thanks for the many things there are to be thankful for. While it is wonderful to be welcomed by others, one of the most impactful things to be thankful for is your ability to be warm and welcoming! Even if you cannot be included in family festivities this month, create a cozy den for yourself. You can send out your own positive ripples this season with your positive outlook! Give thanks for the bounty you can give this November!

Sunshine on your Shoulders…

Take some advice from a Pumpkin and get plenty of sunshine!

With the warmth of home-style cooking and cozy days with friends and family comes cooler weather. For many parts of the world, this also means that the sun is beginning to shine her beaming face less and less. Some very Northern regions of the world get only a few hours of sunshine a day in the winter months. This is an important time to remember to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, even when it’s chilly! Our bodies need vitamin D to stay energetic, and a lack of it can cause lethargy and negative emotions. When the seasons start changing, it’s so easy to forget to go outside and soak up that beautiful sunshine. This November, remind yourself to find beauty in bare branches and a chilly day. Give thanks for the rays that you do get to bask in!

Open your Heart

Be like a hot spring and be warm and welcoming!

There’s nothing like stepping into an outdoor hot spring on a cold day. Few things are more relieving and comforting. Make yourself and where you live a place where people get that same sense of warmth when they walk in! You can surround yourself with people who are like that in your life, as well. The best friends are the ones who, when you’re around them, cause you to let out a sigh of relief and comfort. Ah, this is where I belong! Find who you can relax around, and be sure to thank those friends for being so positive!

Make an Impact

Emulate a lake, and create positive ripples.

A little thankfulness goes a long way! According to some current research being done at the University of California, Berkeley, gratitude can boost your feelings of happiness and well- being, lowering stress and making you healthier overall. What are you thankful for this November? It can be as big as a life-changing gift, or it can be as small as the weather today, or that delicious lunch you ate. Just write these things down and let a smile out every time you think of them. When you do have a positive attitude, it rubs off on those around you, too! Make a splash with your thankfulness. Your friends will thank you for it.

Ilan Shamir wrote, “A Thousand Things Went Right Today.” Let it remind you of the little things that bond together to create a full life:

My eyes opened
my elbow bent
my fork performed beautifully
the door opened flawlessly
I am grateful!
So grateful!
A thousand things went right today!
They went right yesterday, and they will go right tomorrow!

- Ilan Shamir

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