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Welcome IDA Advocates!

As a brand partner of the International Dark-Sky Association, we are pleased to offer you some great deals on dark sky products and help IDA Advocates as much as we can.

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Advice from a Street Light​ - A Special Product Created Just For IDA!
24- pack unlaminated bookmarks $14.99 ($0.60) each (plus your 30% discount),
12- pack art cards $24 ($2 each) (plus your 30% discount)

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If you would like a customized product, please submit your request by clicking HERE. All custom minimums must be met, and wholesale price will be honored. For example: 100 art cards, 100 bookmarks, 100 magnets $488.

If you’d like to use our Advice graphics, poems, art, etc. for promotional materials - let us know! You could put it on a website, print ‘Advice from the Night Sky’ on an event program, use it on a banner, etc.
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- Want to translate ‘Advice from the Night Sky’ or ‘Advice from a Street Light’ into another
language? See above for creating a custom product!
- Use the Advice on your own materials (see bullet above for permission to use)



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