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 Keynotes & Breakouts

With his unique drumming and storytelling, Ilan Shamir has presented over 250 programs natioanlly and internationally for a variety of audiences.  Programs include Living Your True Nature, A Thousand Things Went Right Today! and Developing Sustainable Products and Companies.

Member of the National Speakers Association, National Association for Interpretation and the National Storytelling Network.


Ilan Shamir has been featured in over 100 major print and broadcast media including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, London Times, Washington Post, National Public Radio-All Things Considered, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Entrepeneur Magazine, Success Magazine, and John Naisbit's-Reinventing the Corporation.



Advice from a Tree- Living Your True Nature

Through the simplicity and beauty of trees and nature, Ilan Shamir calls us to branch out, grow and celebrate our true nature!  Author of the bestselling Advice from a Tree products and nature gifts, Ilan's inspiring programs and products will delight all ages with:

  • Keynote Programs
  • Workshops
  • Storytelling Performances
  • Tree Plantings & Celebrations

What people are saying...

"What a pleasure to have you and your program at Rocky Mountain National Park. Our visitors are STILL raving about it, and so am I. Refreshing, entertaining, moving and uplifting - everything interpreting our precious earth should be. Hope you'll come back - SOON! "- Estes Park, CO

"The response to your performance was astonishing: minutes after you began, you had total audience participation and a mesmerized crowd! Your "message" is strong and clear and delivers a positive charge to everyone's self esteem and individuality." - Englewood, CO

A Thousand Things Went Right Today


"A Thousand Things Went Right Today!" is a simple, memorable energizing program creating positive momentum for organizations, conferences and events. Great for opening, closing and setting an overall positive tone.

Experience a shift in focus from the few things that inevitably go wrong to all the things that are going so well. A strategy for "A Thousand Things Went Right Today!" is to help people and organizations move from dis-empowered to empowered, from unappreciated to appreciated, from stressed to energized, from neutral or reverse to FORWARD!

What people are saying...

"People commented on how refreshing it was to have something from which they benefited personally in the midst of a day or learning. You not only demonstrated a program that had value, but the participants were uplifted and inspired. For days after the presentation I heard people saying in the midst of a frustrating situation, "A Thousand Things Went Right Today!" Your message of hope and joy is especially important in this time of crisis and concern." - Libraries, Technology & Learning Conference

"From colorful booklet, to opening speech, to closing multimedia presentation, participants were encourages to celebrate the positive in their lives and in their conference experience. A definite win-win idea! I highly recommend it!" - The National Wellness Conference, 2003

"From the immediate feedback, you were a big hit here! Connecting with both our senior and teenage participants in a significant way was quite a challenge, and you were certainly up to it. The program itself was a wonderful mix of personal reflection and sharing with others, of fun activities (like drumming) with more serious moments, and of thoughts about nature and nurture." - PrestigePLUS Program Coordinator, Longmont, CO

"Ilan was a big part of our very successful 2005 Wisconsin School Counselor Association Conference in February. He held a full-day preconference workshop and conference sectionals. He received extremely high evaluations for the workshop and the sectional presentation. Ilan was also our opening keynote speaker and did an outstanding job of setting the tone for the entire conference. The evaluations of his keynote speech were outstanding." - WSCA Annual Conference



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