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Membership- What It's About

As a member, you get a lot of benefits. You can read up on those below. But the best benefit isn’t on a list: it’s being a part of a community of growing, learning, and exploring individuals. Keep discovering Your True Nature through our members-only curriculum and our Living Your True Nature page. Happy growing!

membership benefits
Plant a tree
Don’t forget! When you place your first order as a member, we will plant a tree for you.
teacher curriculum
Help share the love if you're a teacher or know a teacher. Our curriculum is loaded with learning activities to reconnect students with nature and themselves. They're even great outside of a classroom setting for anyone! Teachers- don’t forget your FREE MATERIALS to assist in your lessons!
yoga curriculum
Download our yoga curriculum that will guide you to greater balance both mentally and physically. 
discount codes
Like the cat...Pounce on the possibilities. Discount codes will be sent to you periodically as a Your True Nature member. Click HERE to opt-in to emails.

Screen Savers
Celebrate the wonder and wisdom of nature every day! Download our screen-savers to entertain you while your computer is snoozing, or as an inspiring desktop background with helpful and timely Advice from Nature.

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