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FREE, Ready-to-use, K-12 CURRICULA for Environmental Education

Seeing nature as a teacher is an element of ancient wisdom. Advice from Nature is about listening to nature to learn life lessons and sharing your best gifts.


“The Advice provides a deeper understanding of themselves and nature. It connects to human behavior and is easy to relate to. Advice provides interaction between people and nature and provides meaning in students' lives. It offers inspiration and guidance to student positive behavior and seeing the world from a different perspective.” - An excited teacher

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We created an easy to use curriculum for schoolteachers looking to encourage a love for the natural world and simultaneously develop positive character traits in their students. We developed three standards and research-based, integrated, K-12 master plans that can be easily modified for any subject and age. Each curriculum is organized around the valuable and universal disciplines of writing, environmental studies, and character education. They are written for the busy teacher, (who has a packed school day and multiple expectations to raise student achievement), who wants to seamlessly integrate earth and character-friendly curriculum into the core disciplines. Lessons are based on current strategies to ensure the collaboration and active engagement of each and every student.

Lessons are easily modified to reach any K-12 readiness level or learning modality. All students, including ESL learners, are encouraged to draw from their personal experiences and find their personal voice. The master plans can be used as stand-alone lessons or as a thematic unit, thereby maximizing the potential skills, content knowledge, and positive values that can be integrated into any subject. This curriculum is appropriate for any subject with only small modifications. Plans are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


Already on our list? Click HERE to download the curriculum via your account page.


The character education plan is designed for students to develop positive values through the study of nature. The lessons foster development of respectful and responsible decision-making.


The writing plan takes the idea, “what advice would nature give?” from conception to finished poem, providing creativity within a poetic structure. Designed for a Writers Workshop, it includes National Writing Project guidelines for developing dispositions for student sustained writing, persistence to work out difficulties, and collaboration.


The environmental education plan is designed as an interdisciplinary program to develop environmental literacy. Lessons include environmental stewardship, ecological interconnections, conservation concepts, and environmental challenges.

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In addition to the curriculum, we are also happy to support your classroom efforts by sending FREE Advice posters and un-laminated Advice bookmarks for use with the downloadable Advice curriculum guide. We do ask that these free materials be used in the classroom or in some other appropriate non-profit way.



“The crux of teaching, and learning, in the wilderness is using the power of place. Letting the rain teach. Letting the wild lands speak for themselves, with minimal interpretation. Getting out of the way...teaching in wilderness is powerful, teaching for wilderness is infinitely more so. Teaching for wilderness implies listening to the voices of the land. It can change our lives...rain is one of the essential ingredients of place. A basic tenant of ecological truth here in the Pacific Northwest is that the land is the way it is—in shape, smell, texture, sound—because of the rain. It sings sweetly to the cedars. Our job is to learn to listen to its song.”



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