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Advice from a Canyon Laminated Bookmark

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Advice from a Canyon

Advice from a Canyon Laminated Bookmark

Life is full of valleys and plateaus. Embrace the big things with Advice from a Canyon to help you get through the test of time.

  • Printed on recycled paper
  • Full-color bookmark
  • Laminated to Last!

Listen to the voice of the wind and take the Advice from a Canyon. Who better to listen to when you’re going through life’s trying times than a canyon? Aspire to new plateaus and don’t get boxed in. This canyon bookmark is printed on recycled paper and laminated to last so you can spend years celebrating the desert. Reach deep! And remember: it’s OK to be a little off the wall.

  • 2.25 inches x 8.5 inches
  • Made in the USA
Type Bookmarks
Tags Desert




Sold Out