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Advice from a Hummingbird Frameable Art Card

Sold Out! - Wholesale 12 Pack - $1.25 each

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Each art card says:

Advice from a Hummingbird
  • Sip the sweet moments
  • Let your true colors glow
  • Be a nectar collector
  • Don't get your feathers ruffled over the little things
  • Some days are just a humdinger
  • Just wing it
  • Keep your visits short and sweet!

Here is an art card that is beautiful enough to frame! Printed on recycled and 100% replanted paper and foil embossed. Size 5.5" x 8.5". Save $.75 to $1.25 EACH when you order in quantity packs.

To the rhythmical beat of his native Taos cottonwood drum, poet and keynote presenter Ilan Shamir brings to life the joy of the hummingbird with his Advice from Nature! Watch to see!

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Type Frameable Art Cards
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Sold Out