Advice from a Mountain Journal V2


Advice from a Mountain Journal
Here the mountain shares its timely wisdom to help you stand in strength and live your true nature. A useful blend of lined and unlined pages with words of the poems interspersed throughout the journal to help you let your words be uplifting and strong. To rise above any doubts or limitations that keep you from living each day with joy. A beautiful mountain journal to celebrate nature and living ones own true nature. In addition to being printed on recycled paper, to further repay the Earth in kind for it's generosity, five new tree seedlings are planted through one of our tree planting partners for each 217 lbs of paper used. We are proud to be 100%

Each journal says:

Advice from a Mountain
  • Dear friend,
  • Reach new heights
  • Savor life's peak experiences
  • There is beauty as far as the eye can see
  • Stand in the strength of your true nature
  • Be uplifting
  • Follow the trails of the wise ones
  • Protect and preserve timeless beauty, silence, solitude, serenity, flowing rivers, ancient trees
  • Rise above it all
  • Make solid decisions
  • Climb beyond your limitations
  • Leave no stone unturned
  • Never take life for granite
  • Get to the point
  • Patience, patience, patience
  • Life has its ups and downs
  • Let your troubles vanish into thin air
  • To summit all up it's the journey step by step
  • Rock on!
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