Advice from a Prairie Dog - Laminated Bookmark


Each bookmark says:

Advice from a Prairie Dog
  • Dig in
  • Stay alert
  • Stick together
  • Celebrate the sunset
  • Build community
  • Protect the prairie
  • Speak up!

Prairie dogs are a key species of the western USA. Seventeen species of animals, such as hawks, eagles, badgers, black-footed ferrets, salamanders and burrowing owls are strongly associated with prairie dogs. All depend on prairie dogs for food or shelter. The prairie dog is a critical component of healthy North American Grasslands.

Bookmarks are printed on recycled paper. Size 2.25" x 8.5", laminated and will last for years! Save $.75 to $1.25 EACH when you order in quantity packs.

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Type National Parks Advice
Tags Prairie

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