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Live Your True Nature!


Your True Nature . . . Set it Free! with nature's simple, heart tickling and inspiring wisdom! Hundreds of eco-friendly gifts in our web store all printed on recycled paper and over 100,000 new trees planted to date to replace all the paper used in our company.

Have a tree planted for someone special and the earth with TreeGreetings-the eCard that plants a tree. Ilan Shamir brings it all to life with his captivating keynotes and programs. Free teacher posters, bookmarks and curriculum are now available.

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  • What’ New
    We have added 13 new friends of nature for 2014. Look for Advice from a Cliff Dwelling, Fossil, Mountain Lion, Mushroom, Pot, Petroglyph, Porcupine, Pumpkin, Rainforest, Sunset, Tide Pool, Wood Duck and some really great Advice from a Coyote:

    Have a Howling Good Time!
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    Work Green. www.ecojobs.com
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Advice from the Sun Rise to the occasion